Friday, 5 February 2010

Gruntz {Full version1.01}

Gruntz is a not very well known puzzle game. In the game you have to move Gruntz around on a field, find the warpstone and guide them to the exit. To do this you get various tools to help you, like gloves with which you can destroy obstacles, or shovles with which you can either dig holes or cover them up. You also get a straw from time to time, with which you can drink goo. After drinking enough goo you can make a new grunt and place it on certain points on the field. All these items can also be used in battle, a grunt with an item is always stronger than one without an item.

The game was made in 1999 by Monolith Productions, who also made F.E.A.R., No One Lives Forever and Tron 2.0.

To install:
Unpack the game to your hard drive first. Then either mount the game with DAEMON Tools, or burn it to a CD. After doing this you can easily go to the drive which contains the image and cleck setup.

You should also install the patch, since the original game has some bugs which can get you stuck half way through the game.

and the patch

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