Saturday, 6 February 2010

Dungeon Keeper 2 [Full Version 1.7]

Dungeon Keeper II

This copy has had the disc security stripped out, so no more problems with the game failing to recognise the CD. It has been patched to version 1.7 automatically, with all three official Bullfrog bonus packs slipstreamed, as well as the map editor. The CD includes a LiveCD play option so that the game can be played on any PC without needing to install it, though the tradition install & play functionality is still there.

Windows Vista / XP Users
As you can guess, this game is old and designed for Windows 95/98 and not for the newer NT based Windows versions. If you have issues running the game like I did, I used the following Compatibility settings:

OS: Windows 98
Run as Administrator (Vista Users)

You can access these settings by right clicking on a shortcut and selecting the compatibility tab.

Wine Users (Mac / Linux)
This game is confirmed working on the lastest build (0.9 at time of writing).

Download Link:

Download Dungeon Keeper 2 Full Version 1.7

Server is located in Europe, people outside of Europe will have more speed with the Alternative Download.

The download link is protected from direct linking. If you wish to place this download on your own site, link to this page and not the file.

Alternative Download Method:

Many people have had issues with downloading from our FTP as at times it can be very busy. We are helping to seed a torrent of Dungeon Keeper 2 as an alternative. If you have access to a torrent client this will be faster than the other download.

Download Dungeon Keeper 2 Full Version 1.7 via Torrent


This is considered abandonware and free to share for the following reasons:
  • You cannot buy this anywhere in the world
  • The makers have abandoned the IP (Dungeon Keeper)
  • The game is over 6 years old
If you own copyright to this material and wish for the download to be removed, please contact us.
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