Saturday, 6 February 2010

Classic Game - Captain Claw

The game is a left-to-right side-scroller. You navigate the titular character, Claw, through a series of tricky levels, fighting enemies, solving puzzles, and collecting treasure and powerups. The object of the game is to obtain the amulet of nine lives, as well as nine gems for it. Gems can be obtained by fighting bosses, and you will also need map pieces to find the location of additional levels. The game contains 14 single player levels.

This game is no longer sold, but there are many places where it can be downloaded for free, or you can download from this post directly.

Game Website(Unofficial)

Download Captain Claw DEMO Version from CNet (11 MB)

Download Captain Claw CD-Ripped Version (29 MB,Recommended)

Download Captain Claw "Utimate Pack" "torrent" (700 MB)

>>You will need a torrent client such as uTorrent to download the game.
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Captain Claw - Classic Game-swords.jpg Captain Claw - Classic Game-clawlogo.jpg Captain Claw - Classic Game-clawxa4.jpg Captain Claw - Classic Game-claw0323.jpg Captain Claw - Classic Game-timq8k.gif

Captain Claw - Classic Game-claw53.gif Captain Claw - Classic Game-claw_3.jpg Captain Claw - Classic Game-sorkunum_claw_4.jpg Captain Claw - Classic Game-claw12.gif Captain Claw - Classic Game-claw7.gif

Captain Claw - Classic Game-claw10.gif Captain Claw - Classic Game-claw13.gif Captain Claw - Classic Game-claw17.gif
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